What got you to this point, isn't what will get you to the next level

I don't just care about helping 1000's of women

create more profits and more time freedom.

I care your YOU and YOUR business.

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Want to grow your small business?

You need to use a PROVEN PLAN.

So many business owners are making things up as they go –

but you really don’t have to (and shouldn’t!) do that.

The Business Assessment Report and Strategy Call is a lifeline for busy business owners who want to finally feel on top of things and gain traction in their business.

Instead of working at what feels like a frantic pace and never seeming to make a dent in your goals and tasks, you can prioritize what matters most, get your business healthy, and start scaling.

If you feel like you’re drowning in the demands of owning a small business, YOU NEED THIS TOOL.

A few ways we can work together...

The Self-paced

Business Made Simple University

Get a 6-step plan to grow your business through on-demand courses, member webinars, and action focused workbooks.

$275 per year


Solutions Based


The personalized support you need to grow your business, reach your goals, and lead with confidence.  

Starting at $497

From Focused Solutions to

Business Transformations




6-month small group training & mastermind program designed to give you the tools and support you need to double your revenue,

using a proven plan.  

$3495 or

$597/month for 6 months

The Business Blender

Simplify your technology,

access core business trainings, content & design swipe files

plus join a community of women in business all cheering for each other.


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Live workshops and Masterclasses

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Business on a Mission


4 Private Sessions

Most “strategic planning” feels overwhelming and nebulous and ends up being a total waste of time. Why?

Because you’re not ready for strategic planning yet.

After this private strategizing time, you’ll have total clarity on where you’re going so you can start planning how to get there.

We will define:

Your 3 economic priorities

Determine key team characteristics

Identify critical actions

Product & Service Optimization Playbook


4 Private Sessions

Imagine working less than you’re working right now – but making MORE revenue.

Strategically optimizing your product or service line using my Product Optimization Playbook, is the key. This is something we can work through together.

Sales and marketing will only work if you have good products or services to sell.

You can end up wasting a lot of time and money launching stuff that isn’t going to bring more profit to the business. Maybe you – like me – have had to learn that the hard way.

I’ll work with you and  teach you how to use a Product Brief worksheet before you launch any new products.

Cash Flow Playbook


4 Private Sessions

Without cash, a business will crash. And while many small-business owners may know how to make money, they don’t always know how to manage it.

In these sessions, we will work together to install the Cash Flow Playbook, so you will :

•Never accidentally run out of money. You will know well in advance whether your overall profit is shrinking.

• Always have the money to pay taxes, even surprise tax bills.

• Always have money for payroll.

• Know how much money YOU can actually take from the business.

• Have cash to invest back into the business which will set you up for growth.

Personal & Team Productivity Playbook


90 days | 12 Private Sessions

(Team members can be included)

Most small business owners have a hard time scaling their business because they allow distraction to rule their time and they don’t have a system for getting things done.

Instead of diligently working on the things that you know will grow your business, do you find yourself…

• Spending way too much time on menial tasks… sometimes to avoid doing harder things?

•Constantly getting caught in impromptu meetings and never having focused time to work on big projects?

•Forgetting who is supposed to be doing what?

If this sounds all too familiar, you’re not alone! So many businesses waste a lot of time and money because they aren’t running an effective operation.

But running a small business doesn't have to be like this and I’ll work alongside you implementing the Productivity Playbook.

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